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Architect for Peace - Chapter 2 - The UN Mandate

The flag of the United Nations (
The UN Mandate for Palestine will be much different from the League of Nations Palestinian Mandate. The country to be given the mandate will not be a victor in war, but a partner in peace.

This country will be solely responsible for security in Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories (West Bank and Gaza). It will provide police protection as well as military force. It will also be an arbiter of disputes between the Palestinians and Israelis – and its decisions will be final. It will report to the UN Security Council on a regular basis.

This is a huge job! I wonder who would be crazy enough to take it on . . .

The country with the Mandate

As I said before, the US would be a good fit for the job. It is one of the only countries that Israel trusts implicitly. But the Palestinians I suspect would have a different opinion. The US has consistently sided with Israel in many disputes and consequently has lost face in the Arab world.

So who would be the better choice? This country would need to be:
  1. Strong
  2. Trustworthy
  3. Acceptable to both sides
  4. Experienced in Peacekeeping
  5. Fair and Impartial
  6. Willing to take on risk
I believe that there is (only) one country that completely fits this criteria – Canada.

The US implicitly trusts its neighbor to the north and Israel should be comfortable with this arrangement. The Arab world also does not have any issues with Canada – so I believe they would also accept them. Now we need to convince Canada . . .

Oh Canada

The Canadian Flag (

Remember I said that EVERYONE must sacrifice for peace? That includes the United Nations. Just what will this sacrifice be?

In order for Canada to not be (seen as) controlled/influenced by the US (or any other country) – it must be made a permanent member of the UN Security Council, with full veto power.

The UN has been talking about changing the security consul for a while now, this will be the first step. 

This is not unprecedented – Canada was a major contributor to the Allies in World War II and those countries are the ones that were emplaced in the Security Council.

But Canada is stretched thin with its many peacekeeping engagements – and its NATO responsibility in Afghanistan. Canada will need help (troops)! I propose that another country will provide troop strength and that Canada will have command responsibilities over these troops (their Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) will have exclusive responsibility for the policing activity).

The troops are from the North 

– Korea that is

North Korean flag (

North Korea has been in a difficult position for many years. They initially shut out the world and then their economy failed. The only successes they have had have been in their military – which is quite substantial. They became a major arms dealer to get hard currency, and the US (and other western countries) strongly objected to their choice of customers. This has led to strong negative feelings on both sides.

It is my belief that North Korea wants to re-engage with the rest of the world, but doesn’t know how. They need a win-win scenario - which is what I am proposing.

North Korea has very little to offer – but it does have a (well trained) million man army. If North Korea was invited to participate in peacekeeping, it would go a long way to building trust between it and the UN – which can only be good news for both. This could be the “icebreaker” that North Korea and the UN/US need to re-start other negotiations (including a peace treaty to end another war – the Korean War. Maybe make that part of the Middle East Peace Treaty).

One division of troops (~10000) should be sufficient to be peacekeepers. The Canadians would be in command.

North Korea has not taken sides (publicly) on the Mideast conflict, so their presence should not be seen as “hostile” by the Palestinians.

The Layout

Two brigades (~6500 troops) of NK troops would be deployed in the West Bank while one brigade (~3400 troops) would be deployed in Gaza (there would be no NK troops in Jerusalem).

Canada would deploy logistical/command troops in WB (West Bank) and GS (Gaza Strip), and combat troops in Jerusalem. They would also deploy RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) in all areas. 

Canada would use the RCMP to train police in the WB and GS – but not in Jerusalem, since Canada would be solely responsible for police protection there (for a long time ...).

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