Saturday, November 12, 2011

Architect for Peace - Chapter 8 - The Future of Palestine

Let me remind everyone that Palestinians come first. It is their interests that must be upheld in this Peace process.

When the Palestinian state is formed and the repatriation begins, Palestinians from all over the world will come together and become new neighbors. It will take time to overcome cultural differences and forge a new national identity.

The Nation building process is very difficult as evidenced with recent examples in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan. I believe the failure there was trying to build the federal governments first. The best government begins locally, in neighborhoods - so I advocate a bottom up approach. At the beginning The Palestinians will work together in local government, and at the Province (State) level. The Mandate Country (Canada) is responsible for setting up, training and organizing these governments into working bureaucracies. As these institutions mature, eventually the Palestinian federal government will be ceded to the people - when Canada fulfills the terms of The Treaty of Detroit.

The first Palestinian citizens will need to build the future state. Construction jobs will be plentiful as the infrastructure is built up. 

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